Meet Shade, our Fluffy Panther + Huey, the Ragdoll Wannabe

Shade and his 4 brothers, were found by Mr. on Good Friday 2011. We had lost Sherwin on December 31, 2010, adopted Asher on January 3 but nothing could replace our beloved Sherwin. When he found these furry babies, I was out-of-town with Asher at my Grandmother’s house for the Easter weekend. He sent me text photo of the litter…no words…I said no. Then I came home, we went  out back and found them living under the shed…I told him to go back to the house and get the cat carrier and we rounded up the litter. Charlie had NO interest, and Asher wanted to know what creature could make such sounds!


In the first week, we had visited the vet, and were giving daily baths to rid them of the fleas that infested them. We lost one kitten, a little tabby with white, we all called Darwin. As the babies grew, we began packing for a trip to the East Coast to see  my lovely Sis-in-law graduate from college. My mom lovely said she would take the babies and Asher for the week we were gone. When we returned home, my Baby Sister {Milo} and Best Friend {Harper} had acquired their respectful kittens. Leaving Shade and a precious little kitten we called Spot.


Mom said Spot needed extra lovings and that she would hold on to him until he was big enough and strong enough to be adopted…his name is now Pee Wee and he is still at my mom’s house.

More Kittens 3

Shade acclimated nicely when we came home…romping around on Asher and getting into trouble. A week after returning home, Mr left for Africa for a Christian History in Northern Africa Class…During that time I acquired 2 more kittens, one I lost rather quickly and the other, whose name is now Huey. I kept Huey quarantined for a week until I could get him to the vet…I didn’t want Shade to get sick too if Huey had anything. And in that week, I saw a kitten so depressed i thought I might lose him too. But once I introduced him to Shade, who was much bigger, I found that happy baby kitty I rescued. {I still call him baby kitty} Because Charlie was Leukemia Carrier Positive, we had to keep the babies/twins separated from her until all their rounds of shots were done. After 3 months of shots, neutering and declawing…{don’t hate me} we were able to introduce them to Charlie…And she wanted nothing to do with them. They learned to leave her alone and she learned how to be the boss. Each night until they were about 6 months old we would crate them… just so Charlie had down time and they weren’t able to get into trouble.

IMG_7340{Milo as a pumpkin for halloween, 2012}

Today, all the brothers are named as such: Milo, Pee Wee, Harper, Shade and the Step Child Huey…also known as the Bad Kitten Club.


When we moved to Colorado from Texas, I had the joy of having them in my car for 14 hours, along with Asher. Luckily, they were in the medium wire crate and could see out. It also helped that Asher was in the back seat with them. I could look back there some times and see them touching his face with their cotton ball feet. I love the relationship my cats have with Asher. He is their protector and sometimes source of food if he doesn’t eat his breakfast in time.




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