Trip to Red Rocks {Vampire Weekend + of Monsters and Men}


Long time ago, in February of 2013, Mr and I decided that if we weren’t able to stay in Colorado then by golly we were going to see at least one concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater before we left. And good thing we bought our tickets when we did. We went this past Monday to see High Highs, of Monsters and Men and Vampire Weekend.


This was the first {BIG} concert Mr + I have been to since we saw Coldplay after we moved to Waco…and that was a few years ago. I had the pleasure of visiting Red Rocks with family back in november when they were here to visit. So, I had an idea of what the amphitheater was like and what the walk UP and down would be like. PS…when we originally bought these tickets I envisioned myself in shorts, a tank top and sandals ..not in jeans, a sweater, mocs, a scarf and a rain coat!

IMG_0018Our seats weren’t as bad as I thought and come to think of it, I’d have to say most of the seats there are probably good. And boy was it LOUD! One of the most beautiful places {i think} to go see a concert.


We sang and danced the night away {and inhaled a little second hand pot} of Monsters and Men and Vampire Weekend were very fun to watch and were amazing in person. I love when bands sound better in person than on my computer…


We originally bought tickets because I LOVE of Monsters + Men…I figured I could easily come to enjoy Vampire Weekend…and I have! I do have to admit I enjoyed the encore by Vampire Weekend, better than the show. Mr agrees with me. Listen to their albums on Spotify!



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