Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp May 2013

I already told you about one of my favorite in town hikes, here, and our wonderful time at Red Rocks, here, I thought since we probably won’t be residing in Colorado Springs past September 1, I would like to share all my favorite things about this city and state.

This last weekend, we visited the Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp on the Pikes Peak Massif. We have been attending a Mennonite Church since Advent and enjoy the community, hospitality and the 2nd Sunday Pot Lucks… šŸ™‚ We love to get out of town and when we heard about the Work and Play retreat, Travis thought it would be a great way to get away for the weekend and meet other people. I originally was mad about all of this because I didn’t want to make the effort of making new friends just to say, “Sorry we are moving”. But after a long week and a long month…I began thinking I needed a weekend away in the mountains. Making new friends was also more alluring than I originally thought as well.20130526_RMMC Camp_5677

After a full Saturday of working and getting the camp ready for the summer season, I was very ready for a Sunday of play. First, I felt like I played a little on Saturday just before dinner by photographing what the Camp Staff called ‘the glacier’ since the beginning of April the camp had gotten several inches of snow followed by a thaw then more freezing weather, resulting in a 1′ think ‘glacier’ over the creek coming out of the mountain.

20130526_Glacier 3_5609

20130526_Glacier 2_5625

20130526_Glacier 1_5648

Then on Sunday morning, I had theĀ privilegeĀ of sitting out on the balcony photographing the birds as they came to the bird feeders…that were well out of the way of the bears.

20130526_Gray Jay_5818Gray Jay

20130526_Harry Woodpecker_5794Harry Wood Pecker

20130526_Steller Jay_5767Steller Blue Jay

20130526_BroadTailed Hummingbird_5829Broadtail Hummingbird

We then went on a hike to the Solution Pools, a steady incline and a great view at the top!

20130526_Solution Pools View_5861

20130526_Shelby _Travis_Solution Pools_2013_5876

It was a beautiful view and we were the only ones out there…Wereas it seemed half of Colorado was hiking the Crags.Ā 20130526_Jester_5868

Even Jester the Camp Director’s Shih Tzu joined us on the hike! He was exhausted but enjoyed romping around on the boulders at the top!

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