Favorite hikes near Colorado Springs

All you have to do it drive through Colorado to know this place is beautiful. Earlier this month Mr and I hiked the Crag’s, July 1 actually. It hailed on us for 30 minutes after we got started. This past week, I decided I wanted to hike it again. This time just Asher and me. A hike deep in the Pikes Peak National Forest, with no cell service and few people. It was one of the things I was scared of most. Getting hurt and having no way for me to reach out or communicate with other people.


As we started our hike we passed quiet a few families from the Rocky Mountain Mennonite Camp. Although, Asher isn’t a fan of kids, this was reassuring to me at least. I was also excited and blessed to see a beautiful array of Colorado Native Wildflowers!


The view is always worth it. Always.

What is even more wonderful is taking a 15 minute drive to hike a mountain. It has been an ‘un-naturally’ wet July here. One that we welcome and cringe at the same time. We desperately need the moisture but don’t want to be kept indoors. Yesterday was one of those days, the sun began to peak out and I dashed out the door with Asher in an effort to get some glorious time outside in God’s country.


Last week, my friend Lauren told me about the Mt. Cutler hike. She described it as easy, and for as out of shape I am compared to most Coloradians, that seemed encouraging! Incline is defiantly my weak point, and I had to stop and take several breaks on the way up. But once I got into a groove, and about half way up I was good.


For me hiking is experiencing God in nature. Praising Him for the plants, the sun, the sky and the breeze. And once at the top, I praise Him for the view. For reminding me that I am but a small piece to a much larger world around me, one that He is in control of no matter how out of control things seem.

Hiking is my escape, from the noise of life. From stress and worry. This is where I find peace. Worshiping God on a mountain.


3 thoughts on “Favorite hikes near Colorado Springs

  1. You are so fortunate to have such an incredible hiking place so near your house! 15 minutes away is amazing!! Does it get cold in the rain in summer? I actually rejoice in the summer rain here and go out and play in it, but of course it’s much warmer over in Phoenix. I LOVED your pics here, especially that second one and you & Asher. I’m glad you have him to go hiking, hiking completely alone always does worry me as well but I think Asher would help you out… in some way or another as weird as that sounds.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

    1. Thanks Dus,
      Actually it does get a bit cooler. Enough that you wish you had more on than shorts and a tee. If it wasn’t for Asher I couldn’t hike alone. He is my security blanket is someways as I am to him. It’s a symbiotic relationship with our anxiety! The 1st hike is actually more like an hour-ish away the 2nd one is very close to home. All the photos I shared on this post are from my iphone. I love the ability to not have to carry my monster camera with me everywhere!

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