Hiking Rampart Reservior

Last week, I set out to find a new place for Asher to swim…I ended up finding Rampart Reservoir…the hike was gorgeous and wonderful. And the water was worth it! {Ask Asher}


I did think we were lost the entire time I was trying to find the trail head but nonetheless I found it without too much trouble. It was a 1.5 mile hike in, if you follow the main trail or you can take the short cut and cut out about .5 miles. The reservoir was very very full, in fact some of the lower trail was submerged by a few inches of water.


It’s right around 14 miles all the way around, and we saw several folks biking out there. Not sure Asher and I could make it all the way around..instead I just let him go swimming.

As you can see, Asher LOVES to swim and not even the cool water could slow him down. The hike plus the swim lead to one very tired puppy. We had so much fun we invited Max and Liz to come out with us AGIAN on Saturday! Asher tried to teach Max how to swim but Max wanted nothing to do with the water and refused to come in! But at the end of the adventure they were too tired to complain about anything.


PS Max is going to be a big boy at 15 weeks and 30 lbs! They get along GREAT when they are too tired to annoy one another…

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