Hiking the Crags

My life is in a state of completely unknown. Hubby is actively seeking a job, our 2 PT jobs won’t pay rent for another month and we are now without healthcare. {PS hey congress go back to work please}

The only things keeping me sane are my library books {Homeward Bound by Emily Matcher and All Natural by Nathanael Johnson} and my escapes to the Mountains.


This weekend, Asher and I adventured to hike the Crags one of my favorite hikes, now especially since North Cheyenne Canon is closed. It was a bit chillier than it ever has been when I’ve gone on this hike but I enjoyed the fall aspens and the snow. The views  were as stunning as ever, and always remind me how small I really am and how special I am to the God that created all that my eyes could see.

I am so thankful for my mountains to keep me grounded, no matter what happens.

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