2013 Estes Park

On December 29th we drove to Estes Park, Colorado from our new home. It took roughly 6 hours to transverse the beautiful state of Colorado on I 70 to reach our destination, and well worth the trip to see good friends! We managed to score a pretty good deal on Groupon for 2 nights at the Stanley Hotel, where the wedding for our friends, Liz and Matt, was being held.

At The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park for Liz + Matt's Wedding, December 30, 2013
At The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park for Liz + Matt’s Wedding, December 30, 2013

We spent most of the driving and made it in time to take a nap and change before the rehearsal dinner. Although we have only really known Liz and Matt for just about a year, we owe so much to these great friends of ours. When we had to move out of our home in Colorado Springs with no secure job yet for Hubby, they offered us a place to stay for a month and a half. We couldn’t have made it through that time without them.


Instead of traditional wedding favors, they took the time to buy gifts for each person coming to the wedding. Something, I found very personal and kind. I know I will cherish my gift as I see it as a loving symbol of our friendship.


On the 30th, Hubby and I got up fairly early as we wanted to enjoy our time in Estes Park before the wedding that afternoon. We stopped by the visitor’s center and then walked by Lake Estes before turning around to head downtown. We really wanted to visit Rocky Mountain National Park but didn’t want to pay the entrance fee for only a few hours. I promised myself that we would go back!

We ended up having lunch at the hotel, before getting ready for the ceremony. I knew my bridesmaid dress I wore for my Sister’s wedding in July 2012, would be a great dress for Christmas parties but it was perfect for this winter wedding when I paired it with black floral stockings and a black and white scarf.


Hubby cleans up pretty well too, don’t you think?! I wore my lovely favor that night to the wedding as it was the perfect addition to my ensemble!

Congrats to our friends, Liz and Matt! We hope many blessings as you journey through life together!

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