Montrose, CO

It has almost been a month since we made the journey west to Montrose from Colorado Springs. I am happy to say that I think we are settling in quiet nicely. It has taken me almost a month to really put our home together. As an interior designer and artist, I tend to overthink placement and will move things regularly until I am content they are aiding in the aesthetic quality of our home or is most functional.


Of course we were without a couch for the first 2 weeks, so we improvised and I mostly sat on the floor with Asher and the kitties. Since the couches arrival, Asher has been banished to his bed which we move everyday to the living room from the front room or Asher’s room. (nope not spoiled)


The kitchen was the 1st room I fully unpacked and have managed to move everything in there at least once. I am no kitchen designer and it’s not my favorite sector of design, however that kitchen was put together by a man with no idea of what he was doing. (just my personal opinion) I am quiet happy with the arrangement now, especially since Hubby flipped the refrigerator door to swing to the left, the door should open into the kitchen not the dining area.


The guest room was also pretty easy for me to assemble. As we don’t have much in terms of extra furniture, it’s simply a quiet and fairly open room with a nice comfy bed. Oh and the kitties crate and toy box is in there…they love looking out into the backyard!


Most of the art in our home is personal, made by us or a family member, or gifted to us from the same. Recently my friend Rachael and her husband had to move to Phoenix. I went and helped to clean and paint one day and she gifted me several inspirational womany  wrapped canvases. Although, these aren’t something I would buy for myself. They mean the world to me as they were from her. Plus, we have so much wall space in this home I need all the art I can get to fill these walls.


Our Master Bedroom, is probably the most unfinished room in the house. It’s the last room to get art on the walls and for me to finalize the furniture layout. I am content with how it is currently but my biggest issue is the huge walls…I don’t have a lot of large paintings and I grouped several of my small paintings in more public places…so I have huge blankish walls. We are renting so I don’t want to and can’t really paint or do wallpaper…which is a bummer. But in the real scheme of things we aren’t in there a ton during the day.

We are currently waiting on our large floor lamp to arrive for the left side of our living room. I am hoping it creates visual interest over there without me having to hang anymore art…all I have left is a large almost 3.5’x 5.5′ asian screen painting from Hubby’s Grandfather’s house.

(photos are iPhone pics Property of ClarkeStudio Photography + Shelby Clarke)



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