pet photography and it’s importance

Why Pet Photography is ImportantLast night, I got the phone call I knew would come. She was getting old, forgetting things and couldn’t seem to settle down. She was our 10 year old Lab. She was a sister to me and Haley. She used to go to the FFA barn with me when she was a baby and she taught my baby, Asher, how to bark. She was protective and gentle. She loved her kitties and tolerated others.

Evee, was a dog. And she was important. Every time I or my family, looses an animal I realize how important those images are.

Pet photography isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t love their pets like me and thats ok, so long as they are cared for and loved. But for people like me, who sees my pets as furry children. Their lives are precious to me. So much to me that I would do anything for them.

Pet photography is for people who love their animals. People who see their personalities and embrace them. We challenge them with training and give them the comfiest bed possible without breaking the bank. Pet photography is for people who value their animals lives and care deeply for their inner being.


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