Hello California

Well after an amazing time in Montrose, Colorado the time came for me to finally leave. Tuesday, my mom and my in laws arrived, we picked up the uhaul, loaded it, cleaned and left Montrose for good. The first day mom and me drove from Montrose to Richfield, Utah. It was a long but worth while drive. We woke up semi refreshed, Asher didn’t like the noises in the hotel. And my cats are true champs, even though they hate being in the big crate they slept the whole way, waking up only occasionally to ask if we were there yet. (seriously)
When we left Richfield, I drove us to Las Vegas and was surprised by the beauty of Utah! (I really need to plan a trip back to explore!) However after entering into Arizona and Nevada I was very much over the desert and ready to be there.

In Vegas, we had In-n-Out burger (and according to my mom it was even more awesome because we were in Vegas (: )and stole some shade from a car awning. Asher and I jumped out for a quick break in some rare grass in front of a bank. It’s SO HOT there! I was really worried about his feet on the hot, black concrete. Leavin Vegas was probably the worst part of our drive. And that was when I handed the wheel to Mom. We were making up games and possible reasons for naming creeks and roads what they were called because it was so awful. When we got to Mojave, it started to get pretty as we entered into the Valley. There were hills, trees and vineyards!

We finally pulled into Modesto, around 10 pm and we went straight to bed. We were too tiered to stay up and reminisce with Travis about our drive. When my In Laws arrived the next day with the Uhaul we immediately (after lunch) began unpacking. I stayed up in the apt and organized and emptied boxes. We moved from a 3 bed 2 bath duplex to a 2 bed 2 bath apartment, so we were downsizing and I needed to use up space in the cabinets and closets effectively. We did wait for Travis to get off work to bring the mattresses and washer and dryer up. Our reward at the end of the day was Coke and Rum and pizza. (well deserved if you ask me)

Salem, my sister in law, arrived on Saturday from North Carolina. We all celebrated our new home in California with a trip to Yosemite, which is where Salem really wanted to visit. We did some hiking and lots of driving around the park. There is SO much to see, so after all the parents flew home Salem, Travis and I went back to do more hiking and exploring on the 4th of July.  And that time I took Asher, he was thrilled to see the park and swim! 🙂 Salem and I also got to do girly stuff; lay out by the pool and go shopping.

We took Salem to the San Jose Airport on the 5th. Travis and I detoured down to the coast! It was amazing. We then drove up through San Francisco, which I have never seen until then.

Now, the weekend is over and Travis is back at work. I’m home settling in and making a massive list of things to accomplish over the next week.  (MASSIVE list)


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