Birthday Weekend Recap

I turned 28 on Friday. My 27th year was insane and awesome and perfect and unstable.

As, I get older I try to treat myself. Celebrate my body and make plans on how to live better. Since my last birthday we have moved 3 times and lived in 3 different places in 2 states. (no lie)

I gave myself an all natural facial scrub/facial, a coconut oil hair treatment and some time at the pool. 🙂

Hubby sweetly gave me a couples massage from Massage Envy and a Gym Membership. No, he wasn’t trying to ‘tell me something’ but I am at that point in my life where if I want to be healthy later in life I need to take care of myself now. Over the last 2 years we have dramatically changed how we eat and what we buy at the grocery store. Now to work on our bodies and improve them through hard work not just nutrition.

When my mom was here a few weeks ago, she and Salem (my sis in law) made me a make shift desk from 3 drawer Sterilite containers and a sheet of pressed board that they painted yellow and pink chevron stripes on. My mom also joked at Target when buying wine that cashiers were going to card me until I was 30. I replied with, “I’m a lot closer to that than you realize!” is that really 2 years from now?

How is life going by so fast? I never would have predicted myself to have been here at this time in my life or any time really. And I have no business guessing where I’ll be in 2 years either.

Here is a recap of my 27th year, moving visiting friends and family, moving, starting jobs, losing jobs, and moving again. It’s an awesome ride.

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