July 2014- Stitch Fix #3

Earlier this week I received my 3rd Stitch Fix box! This time around I asked for just tops and a bag, having never asked for a bag or accessory before I thought why not.


After realizing I hadn’t changed my address, me and Stitch Fix Customer Service girl Brianna, were emailing back and forth that fixed.  So my box came after my birthday but thats ok, I didn’t have any big plans to have my new pieces by anyway. And by the way, if you ever have to work with their customer service they are so insanely kind and sweet. I couldn’t be happier with the support I received! (Note: I am wearing my JustBlack skinny jeans I received in a previous box with all the tops)


Shirt top number 1: 41Hawthorn- Selfridge Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Top

  • I really really LOVE this color, how can you not? Now that I am looking for work however, I try to see all my new tops in light of the question, “how will this work into my business attire?”  As much as I love the color, I am not sure it’s the right, style for me. It is very flattering but according to my sister doesn’t do me justice.
  • Sending it back.


IMG_4268 Shirt top number 2: Pixley-Tracy Dot Print Cross Back Knit Top

  • I love the big bold dot on this royal blue top. It’s super versatile and I can think of a million ways to wear it. I also love the unique back and the shirt tail bottom. I wish I had white skinnies to wear with it but I am not that brave.
  • This top was a bit big, heaven forbid I lean over and everyone would see everything. It also felt like a pregnancy top…or a top I would wear if I was pregnant. (and I am NOT pregnant)
  • Sending it back.


Shirt top number 3: 41Hawthorn- Breyson Split-Neck Tab-Sleeve Knot Top

  • I did not like this top. It felt big on me and I feel really uncomfortable in this color, not sure why. The tab sleeve are about the only thing I like on this shirt.
  • Sending it back.


Shirt top number 4: Pomelo-Avah Chevron Print Doloman Sleeve Top

  • This was the most flattering top and most comfortable in my opinion. Not sure how clothes can make you feel a certain way but this shirt made me feel pretty, it flattered my upper body and made my mid section look awesome.
  • Since I don’t have a job yet, here in California beyond my photography. I have decided against getting this top. I have no where to wear it to and honestly I am way more excited about the last item in my box.
  • Sending it back.


Item number 5: Shiraleah- Leigh Chevron Canvas Tote

  • I love a good bag, what girl doesn’t? This was the first accessory I have asked for in my fix and I LOVE it. Did I mention the interior fabric is navy with little white anchors? 🙂
  • LOVE IT & keeping it


  • The chevron’s clearly won in this box, and I found a few places where I need to change things on my profile to help my stylist pull the right types of shirt tops for me.
  • Don’t forget, if your interested in trying out Stitch Fix click below!

Interested in trying Stitch Fix? CLICK HERE, to sign up!



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