Shade + Huey, our little fluffy monsters

Shade + Huey, 2013
Shade + Huey, 2013

I refer to my cats as monsters, not because I am mean or dislike them but they can be good little monsters or bad little monsters. I also truly believe that domestic cats are barely domestic, they clearly are more wild than my entirely dependent dog. Our little monsters came to us in 2011, Asher was only 5 months old when he met shade’s litter. Then a few weeks later, along came huey. Both were rescued from our yard, we had a large feral cat population in Waco, and although we couldn’t help with TNR (trap neuter return) we were able to help solidify our colony and keep them healthy. And by rescuing these babies we were removing them from a life of uncertainty.

Asher + Shade, 2011
Asher + Shade, 2011

Asher immediately bonded with the kittens and was so good with them. Travis decided quickly that we were keeping the little black one, who we named Shade. Because he was found on Easter Saturday. There were a total of 5 in the litter, covered with fleas and always hungry and trying to escape. After a week we did loose one but amazingly the rest of the litter was healthy and was adopted out…to my mom, my sister and my best friend. 🙂

Travis left for 2 weeks abroad, after we got Shade’s litter handed out to their respective homes and we returned from a trip to Washington DC. Then one night, I heard kittens crying at the front door, and we only had one in the house. I managed to rescue two, huey and his brother. Huey’s brother passed, and I was supposed to adopt Huey out, but I never had the heart. I loved my little BobCat.

Huey, 2011
Huey, 2011

They have grown up together and haven’t been apart for more than a vet visit. And boy do they have personalities, Shade greets me every morning for breakfast, even though he doesn’t get anything until after I have taken Asher out. When we had a yard, they really enjoyed going out to smell the world around them and roll in the dirt. Now, we have a small patio, there they are allowed out into a large crate to sing to the birds and get some fresh air.

Huey has a taste for Apple cords, and we have replaced many many cords and Shade loves pipe cleaners, seriously nothing comes close to his love of pipe cleaners.

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