Modesto Cancer Awareness Run and Ride

So, right after my very 1st 5K at Run in the Redwoods, we also signed up for the Modesto Cancer Awareness Run & Ride this past weekend. This one was a bit easier, we opted for the 2 mile vs 10K and it was in town. I even got to meet a few of the folks Travis works with and wore Team Community Hospice Tee Shirts. HERE are the official results, I was the 83rd individual to cross and Travis was the 130th to cross. I think I was in the top 10 for my age group…they started giving medals to at 21.1 and I came in at 21.5. I am really impressed by my pace but from now on I’d like to learn to maintain and strengthen my body.

We had a good time although, I am a bit sore…I am thinking mostly yoga and strength training for the rest of this week.

There is going to be a Modesto Spirit of Giving Jingle Bell 5K on 12/13/14 this year, and I plan to attend! Yet, another great way to maintain and practice racing!

9 thoughts on “Modesto Cancer Awareness Run and Ride

  1. Running is something I wanted to get back into after this baby is born but it looks like my foot might need a little attention to first 😦 Running for a good cause is always an amazing thing.

    1. This was my first run for a cause besides a virtual race I signed up for and ran during another race. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many people that had or have love ones with cancer, lost to cancer or themselves had cancer.

  2. Congratulations on the race! Every time I see you talk about running, it makes me want to pick it up. I’ve said I was going to for years now and always find some excuse not to!

    1. I have been finding excuses for years to not run, in Colorado my gym and motivation was the mountains. Here I need motivation and there aren’t any mountains, so my races are that motivation. Good luck!

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