Las Vegas- Happy 55th Birthday Dad!

IMG_5167The 2 things my dad loves in life are Vegas and his family. For his 55th birthday, we all ended up in Las Vegas on the same weekend. What could go wrong? Before leaving I had visions similar to The Hangover in my head, and thought about abstaining from alcohol for the weekend, just to document everyone else’s shenanigans.

We left Friday morning, after dropping Asher off at the boarding facility. I haven’t decided if he knows that when he goes there we are not home…anyways, he loved it the last time he went for the Run in the Redwoods. Then we drove out of town to Las Vegas. Everyone else was flying in from Houston, Dallas or Seattle. The drove to and from Vegas in and out of California is not one I would ever recommend to anyone, it’s dull boring and takes FOREVER. No, I mean it. It is like the drive from hell.

Friday night when we arrived, we got checked in and figured out where to park the car. Then we walked down to the casino floor and found my dad, our and a few of our family friends. We walked Fremont and found a place to have dinner Hash Hash a go go in the Plaza. (yumm)

Saturday Morning, we met up with mom and planned to walk to the Neon Sign Museum and visit the Mob Museum. We walked to the museum from the Golden Nugget, it was only a mile! Before we headed to the Mob Museum we had lunch as Pizza Rock and mom got a text from Haley saying that she and her husband were ready to not be on their own anymore. Well, long story short mom had to go get them because she had the rental car key. So, Travis and I enjoyed the Mob Museum on our own.

Sunday, we headed down to the Strip to enjoy a few exhibits at the Luxor and Mandalay Bay. We first hit up the Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef, then the Titanic exhibit and the Bodies exhibit, and dinner at the Luxor. After all our adventures we made it back to downtown and even gambled a whole $7 away. Then we enjoyed a Elvis impersonator, and a woman who clearly had too many drinks and was also enjoying the Elvis show. After the entertainment, we met up with my family and watched them gamble and enjoyed the “Fremont Experience”.

Overall, it was a great weekend with my crazy Texas family. It was nice to see them having fun and explore a new place.

8 thoughts on “Las Vegas- Happy 55th Birthday Dad!

    1. It was so fun. I am much more of a mountains and trees girl than BIG city girl so it was a fun experience! Everyone should go at least once, and without gambling I’m sure we could have spent more time watching shows, going to exhibits and visiting hotels on the Strip.

    1. It was and I am such Daddy’s Girl, he goes through “Shelby Withdrawals” according to my mom. Living so far away is hard for him but makes our time together so much more meaningful!

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