TIGF- October 3

IMG_2919My Friends, Rachael & Nate

I am so grateful for my friends Rachael and Nate, since we have met our lives have been very messy and yet God always provides and somehow we found each other to support when the other was going through the mess. Today is their wedding anniversary and I am so proud of how they have really stuck through it, through the tears, the very hard times and pray their struggles are nearly over and the fun can begin.

IMG_5051Cool Mornings

It is actually beginning to feel a little like fall here in Central California, even the trees are changing colors. Which gets me pretty excited for the holidays! I also savor my coffee a bit more on cool, crisp mornings.


I am so grateful that I was able to spend (some) time with my family last weekend. Although gambling is totally not my thing, I loved seeing my mom and dad, my baby sister and her husband. It’s been a while since I have really seen them. It was so fun to go do our own things but sit and enjoy our company every evening and morning. Although, Las Vegas is CRAZY like all the time, I felt the mornings with my family refreshed me a way I can’t describe.

6 thoughts on “TIGF- October 3

    1. Ha, I have never thought of my handwriting as fun, although I’d love to learn word art…since moving away from Texas I see my family a whole lot less. It’s hard but they time we do have together is extra special.

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