Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Owners

So, you are buying a gift for a pet owner. But what on earth do you get them? As a pet owner, I love getting gifts for my dog, it almost brings me as much pleasure as a gift for myself. But here are things you can get a pet owner that will help us be better pet parents.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 4.04.43 PM

1. Earth Rated Poop Bags

Now, this wouldn’t be a number one gift item. But if your pet owner friend or family member lives in an apartment, condo or must walk their dog daily due to the lack of yard. Trust me this is a great gift for a small space pet owner who is eco conscious!

Shelby Clarke Photo, 2014
Shelby Clarke Photo, 2014

2. Photography Session

If your pet owner friend loves their dog or cat like a kid, think how much they would enjoy a professional photographer capturing their bond! As a pet parent I love my dog and cats as if they were my children, they frequent our holiday cards and get holiday gifts.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 4.06.35 PM

3. Books

There are lots of wonderful books fiction and non fiction for dog and cat lovers, here is a list on Amazon for dog lovers.

4. Breed Specific Gifts

True pet parents, want to share their love with the world. Breed specific magnets are a great gift for any pet parent. There are magnets, stickers, keychains and notepads

What do you buy your pet parent friends and family?

7 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Owners

  1. My friend is getting a pug at the weekend so I got her a puppy toy for the pug’s first Christmas. I didn’t really know what else to get having never had a pet dog. I stood in the aisle with the puppy toys and picked out one that looked like it might be good! Oh dear lol.

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