How to make a Cat Chaser toy

Shade + Huey, 2013
Shade + Huey, 2013

My two little fluffy loves, Shade and Huey, are nearly 3.5 years old and still play like kittens. Recently when I was cutting up tee shirts to make kitchen rags, I used a few pieces to make Asher a Rope Toy, which he loves! But I felt bad that I hadn’t made anything for my cats. So, I created this fun Dowel Rod Cat Toy from the hems of the tee shirts.

You will need:

1 dowel rod

2-3 tee shirt hems

wood glue

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First loop the hems from the shirts over one end of the dowel rod.

Then braid a few of them together.

Add feathers or jingle bells for added affect.

IMG_5680Next, use the wood glue to secure the hems. I simple squeezed glue at the end and pushed the hems over it and back down a few times.

Let dry for 24 hours.

Now, you have an awesome Cat Chaser toy for your kitties!


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All my Fur Kids
All my Fur Kids

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