Holiday Gift Guide for your Cat


This Holiday Gift guide for Cats, is going to seem only millimeters long compared to the dog and pet owners gift guide and if you have a cat you know why. Cats prefer the simple things in life. They don’t need antlers to chew on or a plethora of toys, although if you do give your cat a plethora of toys none of them will be good enough.

1) Cat Tunnel

We bought our furry monsters a tunnel last year for Christmas (Link to the one we bought on Amazon). It makes a crunchy sound when they walk through it and have a ‘port hole’ between the ends. This toy has made 3 am Indy Cat races so much more fun for them. It used to have a jingle ball hanging from one end but of course my guys chewed it off. It is collapsable and if mine had not chewed the ties off you can make it into a U shape.

2. Buralp Mice with Feather Tails

Ok, so we have all seen those little mice toys, right? But none of our cats like them right? Wrong. These little burlap mice from Petco are like the all time best toys according to my 2 cats. They LOVE feathers and the way they can actually sink their teeth into the burlap. My guys also LOVE their Fugly Friends cat toys, even though Melissa closed her shop, Shade and Huey will be playing with their toys for years to come. One has crunchy paper and cat nip and the other a jingle bell and cat nip!

IMG_46773. Box

Save your self some money and disappointment. Just give your cat the box your most recent Christmas Present arrived in. Add some tissue paper and cat nip and you have just made your cats day. Seriously.

IMG_59254. Cat Bed/Window Perch

I am totally combining 2 different things. Since moving into an apartment and all our windows are high, at least 3′ off the ground, we have had to improvise so the kitties can still experience the wonders of outside. We placed a vinyl record holder in front of the window in our dining room and on top holds the kitty food and a bed. Just outside this window is a willow tree and the birds zip in and out of it all day! They love to watch the leaves fall and try to hypnotize the birds into the grasp, even when the window is closed!

Hope your kitties love whatever you give them! I guarantee the box will be a winner!

3 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide for your Cat

  1. You can’t go wrong with a box 🙂

    We plan to put bird feeders right outside the windows to keep our kitten amused. I don’t suppose the birds will mind either…

  2. Great post! I always feel bad that the cats don’t get as much as the dogs on the holidays until I see them play with a piece of wrapping paper for 2 hours 🙂

    I am going to try those burlap mice for sure- Maxwell will love to feel like he is sinking his teeth into something!!

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