My Wavy Hair Care Routine


I have thick, crazy lady hair. I try not to complain, as my husband has thin thin hair. So, I know how lucky I am to have my thick waves. Recently, I have been trying to take care of my locks like really take care of not just buy products that sound awesome. I know it needs a trim but until I get around to it I have already developed a pattern of caring for my hair, that involves less heat and more natural products.

IMG_5904Basically, I full out wash my hair 2 maybe 3 times a week. And before each of those washes I soak my hair in Coconut Oil for 2-3 hours. To do this is I pull my hair into a high Pony Tail and coat all the hairs in oil, roll it into a bun and secure with a clip. Begin 2-3 hours of netflix, blogging or crocheting…

IMG_5905As for shampoo and conditioner, I use Trader Joe’s Tingle Shampoo and Conditioner. I only shampoo my roots and use my fingers to massage my scalp. Rinse with warm but hot water, which is hard for me as I love a good scorching hot shower. And I leave my conditioner in for a good 3-4 minutes. I also use a wide tooth comb in the shower during the conditioning process, hair is extremely fragile when wet and I have been experiencing more tangles lately than I have in the past. I also rinse with lukewarm water, cooler water holds in the nutrients, whereas hot water easily strips them away. Once out of the shower, I immediately spray The Gnarly Whale detangler in my hair and comb it with my wide tooth comb. Then I roll it up in a lightweight towel (heavy weight towels are bad for your neck and shoulders ladies) buy a cheap towel at target or use an oversized teeshirt. I personally recommend the tee shirt.

IMG_5906After I have dried myself and dressed about 15 minutes after getting out of the shower, I take my hair down and spray in more detangler, and comb out my hair and create my part. Then I air dry. I rarely use heat to style my hair. After years of using straighteners and curlers, I now don’t like to use them because how badly they damage my hair. So, instead I use The Gnarly Whale Beach Waves to bring out my awesome bohemian waves. Another plus to my detangler and beach waves sprays are they make my hair smell good for days! I love getting a wiff of pumpkin from my hair!

If my roots begin to feel oily, I can either use Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo (this stuff is awesome) or I can do a half wash where I only wash my roots in the sink or the shower. And some days I roll up my hair and shower without washing my hair. Since starting this regimen about a month ago my hair feels cleaner and I am using less shampoo and conditioner. It’s way way softer and less frizzy. It shines more and I feel good going out without doing a ton to it.

This routine is perfect for me and my hair. It feels cleaner longer and I am using less chemicals in it, and less heat. I highly recommend The Gnarly Whale Beach Waves and Detangler, I seriously can’t live without this stuff!

4 thoughts on “My Wavy Hair Care Routine

  1. I love using coconut oil in my food and I’ve heard it’s great for your hair as well but haven’t tried it yet, thanks for the reminder to give it a go at some point as we always have coconut oil in the pantry!

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words, Shelby! I’ll have to give the coconut oil a trick with my hair, too. I have similar hair – thick and wavy – so I’ll take any pointers I can!

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