Dressember Weekly Wrap Up 1

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.25.28 AMThis is my first time participating in Dressember which is a collaborative movement leveraging fashion and creativity to restore dignity to all women.

Dressember uses fashion to advocate for women who’ve been exploited for their femininity. As women take on the creative challenge of wearing a dress for the 31 days of December, they are advocating for the inherent dignity of all women.

Dressember exists to inspire and empower a global community of like-minded women who are locking arms to face one of the greatest injustices of our time.

The heart of Dressember is freedom– that every woman has the right to live a vibrant and autonomous life.

 Monday, December 1: Today my Mother in Law was still in town visiting from Thanksgiving and wanted to see the California Coast! So we piled into Travis’ car and drove down to Santa Cruz and up the coastline to San Fransisco and the Presidio. We also went to eat at Tacolicious, I received their cookbook for review (read my review here) and really wanted to try out the restaurant. (super yummy by the way)

Dress from Stitch Fix box #4, cardigan and tights from Target, boots from Keen footwear

Tuesday, December 2: It was rainy and icky so we stayed in most of the day but did finally go out and see Gone Girl, no worries I am totally like 2 months behind…but I did finish the book before I saw the movie so that was a win!

Dress from a small fashion boutique in Asheville North Carolina in 2010, tights from Target

Wednesday, December 3: Today I took my MIL back to the Sacramento Airport. It was raining the whole way. I am trying to wear my entire dress wardobe before I repeat so today was my chevron maxi dress and I loved the length on this wet cool day!

Dress from Stitch Fix box #1, cardigan from Target, necklace from Banana Republic

Thursday, December 4: I had to meet my Pet Sitting Boss this AM and quickly threw on my navy cotton dress from Old Navy and my gray sweater with my fringe booties…and I am so comfy!

Dress from Old Navy, Cardigan from Target, Boots from Minnetonka

Friday, December 5: Today I picked up Mom + Dad from the Airport! I have to admit wearing a dress everyday makes me wonder if people look at me funny…I mean, I don’t really care what people think but rarely do they ask. And if they did I would tell them. I am wearing my dress my mom made me today with antique lace from my paternal grandmother. It is quiet warm today and I am loving my summery dress!

Dress is homemade with antique lace, cover is from Old Navy

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