Our LA in a Day trip

So, Travis bought us tickets last month to go to the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Concert, mostly cause U2 was going to be playing and I am married to a U2 Fan. U2 didn’t end up being there cause my super fan of a hubby knows Bono fell of hi bike in Central Park in NYC. No Doubt played instead.

Anyways…my daddy got us a hotel room in LA for Saturday night, and even though the concert was on Sunday night Travis had to be back at work Monday AM. So, we got up on Saturday and we slowly packed ourselves and Asher, as he was going to stay at the doggie hotel for the weekend. Once, we were all packed and ready we dropped off Asher to endless amounts of fun, running and barking. (He has been asleep for the past 2 days since picking him up) We then headed to LA!

No worries it’s only like 4.5 hours from home sweet home in Modesto. Once we got there, we staked out the movie theater and decided to walk from the hotel to PF Chang’s for dinner, then went and saw ‘Nightcrawler’ with Jake Gyllenhaal. I feel there is a certain level of irony to watching a movie in LA, based in LA. After the movie, we stopped at the Starbucks to get my LA You Are Here Mug, walk Barnes and Noble and REI.

Sunday, we had a late breakfast then drove down Hollywood Blvd and saw the Hollywood sign, although I didn’t get a good photo. We then had a late lunch at a Soulfood restaurant. I really enjoyed seeing Vance Joy and Alt J, I recognized more Weezer songs than I thought I knew and I could have cared less for Interpol and Smashing Pumpkins (sorry die hard fans). We made it home uber late…like 4 hours of sleep before the sun came up but we powered through!

Where would you go for 24 hours?

6 thoughts on “Our LA in a Day trip

  1. How fun! This makes me miss LA so much. I’m not a huge Smashing Pumpkins fan either. I kinda hate them, honestly.

  2. I don’t listen to any of those bands (hard-core country music over here :P), but it looks like y’all had a lot of fun!

  3. Oh! I commented then I think my computer decided to delete it all 😦 (Stupid web filter thingy!!) So as I was saying! I looked at the city mugs as part of your Secret Santa but Bedford doesn’t have a Starbucks, actually that’s a lie, we do have one now as the coffee shop in the train station is being change into a Starbucks (it was in the paper about two days after sending your Secret Santa present!)

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