Dressember Weekly Wrap Up 3

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.25.28 AMThis is my first time participating in Dressember which is a collaborative movement leveraging fashion and creativity to restore dignity to all women.

Dressember uses fashion to advocate for women who’ve been exploited for their femininity. As women take on the creative challenge of wearing a dress for the 31 days of December, they are advocating for the inherent dignity of all women.

Dressember exists to inspire and empower a global community of like-minded women who are locking arms to face one of the greatest injustices of our time.

The heart of Dressember is freedom– that every woman has the right to live a vibrant and autonomous life.

Saturday. Today we drove to LA! When we moved to Cali, everyone told me to stay away from LA and after visiting LA, I can honestly say it is it’s own thing. I love Northern California, so chill and beautiful. Anyways, so we drove to LA, ate dinner PF Chang’s, then went and saw Nightcrawler (a movie based in LA) and then picked up my LA Starbucks Mug and walked REI on our way back to the hotel.

Little Black Dress from Old Navy, Spyder jacket, Tights from Target and Moccasins from Minnetonka

Sunday today we went to the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Concert, this was why we came to LA yesterday.

Pixeley Dress from Stitch Fix Box #4, Navy tights from Target and PeterPan shoes from Famous Footwear by Madden

Monday we got home from LA at 4 am, yep. Then at 10 am I had a job interview, on only 4 and a half hours of sleep and I think I nailed it.

Little Black Dress from Old Navy, Maroon Tights from Target, Ankle Boots by Bear Paw, Avocado Cardigan by Target

Tuesday I stayed home in my sweat pants again. I wasn’t feeling 100% and ended up sleeping and cleaning the day away

Wednesday I decided today a week before Christmas would be a good day to visit the post office and shop for hubby’s christmas present…I wore pants under my dress and a sweater over my dress. I was going for comfy y’all not style.

Sweater from Target, Dress from Boutique in NC, Pants from Stitch Fix #3 and Ankle Boots
Sweater from Target, Dress from Boutique in NC, Pants from Stitch Fix #3 and Ankle Boots

Thursday I wrote today, a lot in my journal, blog and my contributing posts. I was very productive, one of those it feels like I have written all day but it’s only been 2 hours and I have pounded out 3 blog posts and written like 4 pages (5×8) in my journal.

Navy dress from Old Navy, White and Silver long sleeve tee from Target, Orange tights from target and Minnetonka House Moccasins


Friday today I ran errands and baked for the Christmas party with Travis’ co workers! And based on reactions on IG I’ll be sharing my cookie recipe!

LBD from Old Navy, tights and tee from Target, boots by Keen


Want to make a donation to Dressember to rescue women and girls from slavery around the world? Visit the Donation Page to make a difference, HERE. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.25.28 AM


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