2014 Reflection

Montrose, CO
Montrose, CO

On January 2nd, Travis started his new job in Montrose, CO as a  chaplain with Harden Hospice. We settled into our new  small Colorado town life! Then in Mid February, I got a job working for Montrose County as the Fair Coordinator! I have never attended a County Fair but I got the job! During this month my Great Grandmother, Dorothy Caster passed away at 91 years old. After 4 months, Travis found out they are closing his hospice’s location with no severance, or paying out his earned time off. We begin to apply for jobs all over the country instead of only the ones in locations we want to live in, the way we did last time. Then in late May, Travis is offered a job in Modesto, CA and moved to California while I continued to work and  pack up our home. I finish pulling as many strings

Great Grandma, Haley and Shelby July 2012
Great Grandma, Haley and Shelby July 2012

together as possible for the County Fair and pack up our home in Montrose. My last day of work was June 20, Travis and I celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary in 2 different states. My In Laws along with my mom flew into Montrose to help load the Uhaul and help us/me move our stuff to California. After getting to California and unloading the Uhaul, my Sister in Law came to hang out and visit Yosemite! In July, we both get  another year older…Shelby turns 28 and Travis turns 29. August was hot, but we took a date day and visited Santa Cruz and I really started training for my 1st 5K. In September, we ran the inaugural 5K Run in the Redwoods Race in Orick, CA and  participate in the 2 mile Run & Ride in Modesto the next weekend. We then went to Las Vegas to celebrate my dad’s 55th birthday! Viva Las Vegas!

Me, Dad and my Baby Sister
Me, Dad and my Baby Sister

Janet came to visit after Thanksgiving and we explore everything within 2 hours of Modesto: we visited Pinnacles National Park, drove the coast from Santa Cruz to San Fransisco, and drove up through Jamestown, Sonora and Murphys. Only days after returning Janet to the airport, my mom and dad come to visit, we visited The Presidio at San Fransisco then mom and I walked about a mile to try and find me a San Fransisco You Are Here Mug from Starbucks. Sadly the store we went to didn’t have any but Travis found one on our way out of town  and I go my mug! I participated in Dressember, which raises money for the International Justice Mission to free women sold into Modern Day Sex Slavery. I cheated a few days, but overall I wore a dress everyday! We also went to Los Angeles for a  Concert. U2 was supposed to be there but due to unforseen circumstances, like Bono getting into a biking accident in Central Park they did not come. We still enjoyed the concert. Christmas was nice and quiet at our house. And we hope you all had a wonderful 2014!

Here’s to new beginnings! Happy 2015!

One thought on “2014 Reflection

  1. That’s sad about your Great Grandma. My Great Grandma would have been 100 in October 2014 if she’d still been alive.

    I turned 28 and Chris turned 29 this year as well. (I was April he was August).

    Sounds like you had lots of adventures exploring. I could do with doing that around Bedford. Play at being a tourist!

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