How to love your Full Time Hardworking Spouse

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 3.11.44 PMMy hubby of almost 8 years works full time, in a hard industry as a chaplain. At the end of the day, all he wants is to relax and catch up on the rest of the world. I have been a stay at home wife for the last 8 months, and was recently hired as a remote stylist. So I will be working from home. It has been a journey but here are a few tips on how to love your full time hardworking spouse.

Know your partner’s love language. 

My husband’s love language is time and physical touch. The best way for him and I to spend time together after a long day is sitting next to one another, usually our arms or feet are touching, reading the news or book. If your spouse is a words of affirmation or gifts, then I would write notes or leave surprises in their work bag or lunch box. If their love language is acts of service maybe surprise them by picking up one chore they hate during the week.

Learn your Love Language, HERE

Take care of yourself.

You want to love your spouse? Take care of your self. This is NOT permission to go on a shopping spree but simply make sure your needs are met. Don’t spend all day all coped up with not social interaction until hubby gets home. Be sure to enjoy a good soak in the tub from time to time. Hubby loves how smooth my skin is after I do this. Go to the park, go for a walk, craft, create and try new things. Share these new passions and interactions with your spouse.

Surprise them.

Gifts is not high on my spouse’s love language but surprising him with something every once in a while shows them you think of them turning the day. Like I forgot a few things at the grocery store this week, when I went back they were unloading the most beautiful avocados, one of Travis’ favorite foods. So I picked up a few and made guacamole for him as a surprise for Taco Tuesday night.

Listen to them.

My husband spends all day listening to people. Sometimes he just needs to hear himself talk it out before he know how to deal with an issue. Most of the time, he doesn’t give me any details and I don’t exactly know how to help but I am here to be his sounding board. This makes me feel important to him, and his ability to decompress and he feels like he can trust me.

How to do you show love for your hardworking full time spouse?

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