Just Finished reading ‘The Devil in the White City’ by Erik Larson

My goal for 2015 was to read more books, especially one we already own. I started by making a stack on a bookshelf of books I needed to read. I have been told for years to read Larson’s book. It is saturated in historical fact, architectural history, and murder. Honestly, it was the latter that finally helped me jump head first into the text.


Larson takes facts and history and weaves them into a story…even if the main characters never meet, their stories are woven into a vast tapestry of impossible events and architectural achievement. I don’t think everyone will get giddy over the mentioning of Louis Sullivan or the significance of the 1893 World’s Fair on modern architecture. But a good murder mystery and a super creepy villain are sure to draw the curious. I was truly amazed how many modern things erupted from the time of the creation through the end of the World’s Fair. Products still in existence, new inventions, and mottos.

If you like a good story, a murder mystery, a teaspoon size of architectural history and plenty of drama then I think you should give Larson’s book a try. My husband was glad I was finally reading it but he is glad I am done because while reading I was constantly muttering. ‘Oh that is how that happened!’ or , ‘so they did know each other.’

What are you currently reading?

2 thoughts on “Just Finished reading ‘The Devil in the White City’ by Erik Larson

  1. I loved that book! We used to live in Chicago, and it was so neat to read about the history of the World’s Fair. I used to have to go down to the University of Chicago, and I would always think of Devil in the White City when I was there.

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