I Just Finished Reading ‘Searching for Sunday’ by Rachel Held Evans

I am a huge fan of Rachel, so I have been eager to read this book for a while. So was my husband. I like to think that if we moved to Dayton, TN we could be friends with Rachel and her husband. In fact, I secretly like to think we already are. The subtitle to this book is loving, leaving, and finding the church. Which after 7 moves and visiting a variety or denominations and churches, I know what I look for in a community to worship in. Rachel does to. We all look for something different, something that might not be obvious. We all look for the Spirit.

IMG_7910I didn’t plan to write in my copy of this book, mostly because Travis hates it. But I couldn’t stop myself. There are take aways that as simple as they are brought me closer to the Spirit and tears than any sermon has in the past 6 months.

She starts the book saying, “We millennials have been advertised to our entire lives, so we can smell BS from a mile away. The church is the last place we want to be sold another product, the last place we want to be entertained. Millennials aren’t looking for hipper Christianity…We’re looking for truer…more authentic Christianity.” (pg xiv) And I have felt this while for some time. We attended a church back in Waco that was very large. Service was generic at most and the only place we felt known was in our Sunday morning and evening bible study. It wasn’t surprising when we started to explore other churches for ‘Big Church’ after our morning bible study at this large church. Which isn’t far from Rachel’s experience. Eventually, we settled into UBC Waco, David Crowder’s home church.

My favorite thing about this book is a chapter called “What We Have Done”, in it Rachel reveals the Church’s biggest mistakes. Where the church, where the body went wrong and claimed it right by God’s Glory. It also has stories of where we got it right. When we as an individuals stood up for the oppressed and rescued the poor and did what is right in the Kingdom. This chapter made me cry and smile and angry and happy.

The book is arranged into sections by the sacraments with chapters within. They are short, easy to read and yet powerful enough to knock me back in my chair. They are her personal journey from born and raised Evangelical to doubting and shining lights in the dark corners of our faith. She explores her faith the way one explores a new trail, seeing everything with new eyes and wondering what is around the next corner.

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12 thoughts on “I Just Finished Reading ‘Searching for Sunday’ by Rachel Held Evans

  1. This book sounds like a casual conversation about religion and church. I like spiritual books like this because they don’t seem stuffy or pushy. It’s like a conversation with a friend.

    1. Exactly, Jessica. I don’t like to be told how or what to believe and Rachel’s faith and doubt journey help me feel like I am not alone in my faith struggles. Her other books are also amazing and as equally encouraging.

  2. This sounds such a great book. I’m always interested in learning about a person’s beliefs and this book sounds like such a great way to learn more without having any beliefs pushed on me

    1. Ashley, Rachel is a very outspoken member of the Christian community and an advocate for truth (she has a very outspoken following that loves her and others that call her a heretic). Her journey through faith and doubt reminds me that life is not easy. She talks about failures of the church and visiting and speaking to a variety of denominations and faiths and how Christianity is not a one size fits all faith.

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