My 5 Must Have Wardrobe Pieces

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I feel like I have seen it everywhere lately, everyone’s opinions on necessary items for your closet but I didn’t feel like they were simple enough for me.

Market & Spruce, Chaimbers Cowl Neck Knit Top
Market & Spruce, Chaimbers Cowl Neck Knit Top

1) Good pair of jeans, and by a good pair I mean they fit right and they flatter you. For me this means my Just Black skinny jeans from Stitch Fix are my go to. They have a navy dark wash and are easily dressed up or still look great with a tee and flats.

2) A blazer, every girl needs a blazer. Want to dress up that graphic tee? Add a blazer. Want to make the ultimate professional statement at work? Add a blazer.

3) Nude heels + Neutral Sandal, perfect with everything and for short ladies like me the nude heels will elongate your legs!

IMG_60234) A Line dress, I bought a jersey knit dress from Old Navy years ago and it is still fabulous and is easily dressed up with heels and accessories or perfect for the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings with sandals


5) Functional and Fab looking handbag, I love bags and have had a lot of hit and misses. The bag I am currently using Travis bought for me before Christmas and I am still using it. And that means it is a great bag. I don’t change out my bags, that is a great way for me to loose things…But every girl needs a good bag that can work for her and looks great. For me it’s a vintage 1980’s Dooney & Bourke Saddle Bag we bought from a thrift store for $15.

Bonus: A variety of colorful and classic jewelry pieces and accessories, to add pops of color and uniqueness to your wardrobe!

I didn’t mention tops cause every girl has their preference, you need tops that fit, flatter and work for you and whatever it is you do. So mom’s sometimes that means your hubby’s undershirts are perfect for you, busy professional women will probably lean more toward a classic cut oxford and the creatives will try unique sleeve lengths, patterns and colors!


If you are looking for a personal stylist consider joining the Stitch Fix Family, a personal stylist will look at your body shape, and style preferences before sending you a box of 5 items pick out just for you.

One thought on “My 5 Must Have Wardrobe Pieces

  1. My jeans are so not the right size for me any more – they are too big and really I need to go an buy a new pair in the right size but it’s just so much effort because not every shop cuts/measures the same as each other. So although I’m too small of the UK16s that I live in, a pair of UK14s won’t necessarily be big enough because of the cut. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a new pair of jeans soon otherwise I’ll need braces to hold up my trousers rather than the belt I “stole” from Chris’s chest of drawers about three weeks ago.

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