What makes me feel beautiful


This week’s prompt from the Let Your Blog Shine group is: what makes me feel beautiful?

My Friends make me feel beautiful, especially when we have been through the hardest times of our lives together.

My Husband makes me feel beautiful, when he comes home from work and only wants to hang out with me or we hike a mountain or go to a concert or complete a run or travel. He makes me feel beautiful when he sees room for growth when I am tired of trying.

Running makes me feel beautiful, because I push my body and my self to do things I never thought where possible.

My long hair makes me feel beautiful, it wasn’t always long. In fact I am deeply regretting it’s length as I type. However, I know that by growing my hair out and donating it I can make other women feel beautiful too.

Pinnacles NP, 2014
Pinnacles NP, 2014

My family makes me feel beautiful, when they recognize my unique talents and encourage me to try new things. (And visit them more often)

What makes YOU feel beautiful?

3 thoughts on “What makes me feel beautiful

  1. Love the idea behind the post and everything that makes you feel beautiful! For me, it takes more work than I’d like to admit to feel beautiful. Not make-up or specific clothes, really. But more so me figuring out how to stop being so critical of myself and taking the time to really care for myself.

  2. This entire post is BEAUTIFUL and so are you! I have been picking out flaws lately I have to stop and realize that we’re all human, we’re all created differently and we’re never going to be perfect.

    1. I am very critical of myself, physically and where I am in my life. It is so hard to let go of what I feel are failures, but I see how far I have come and I wonder how could I ever think that way about myself? I am living the life I have always wanted, no it doesn’t look the way I thought it would but it is great!

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