Innocence + Experience

My husband is a super fan of U2. We have like all the albums; cd versions, vinyl and special releases. He has gone to concerts since he was a kid, and although he and his dad differ in theological perspectives they bond over U2.

I have been with Travis for almost 11 years now. And in that time I have never, ever been to a U2 concert until this last week, when their new innocence + experience tour began in Vancouver CA, then headed to the US and landed in San Jose. I should mention we bought these tickets MONTHS ago like in November. Travis bought us tickets for the 1st night and he and his dad went together the next night. Apparently U2 has this thing for different set lists when in the same city. On their last tour, Travis and his dad went to the Houston concert one day then drove to Dallas to see them again the next night. I am not an uber fan, in fact I totally play the ‘I could care less’ card because he is such a hard core fan. (I like to balance things out) But I will admit they are pretty good and the lyrics are kind of awesome in a deep soul searching theological way. Travis admits this is how he communes with God, over dusty vinyl records, tea and U2 lyrics. In fact I can’t even recall the number of times he has used lyrics or the music it’s self in a sermon or reflection at church.

I love concerting with Travis, if there is something that is ours in this world. Like the way some couples antique shop or whatever, we go to concerts. Since leaving Colorado Springs, our concerting has dropped dramatically due to our physical location. But since being in California we have been to LA and now the Bay area for concerts. Both way to far in my opinion.

I prefer a small venue, no more than a couple hundred folks. My favorite one is in Colorado Springs, The Black Sheep. I was introduced to so many amazing bands for reasonable ticket prices. The Features, The Unlikely Candidates, The Mowgli’s, The Neighborhood, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. My favorite large venue? Red Rocks. If you EVER have the chance to see a concert there do it. We saw Vampire Weekend, Of Monsters + Men, The Avett Brothers and we were supposed to see Phoenix there but a weather system moved us to an indoor location.

For me concerts must engage more than my ear drums, they have to engage my eyes and stir my soul. I love dancing and singing along with the rest of the crowd.  I also love when band members acknowledge they are nothing, absolutely nothing without their fans. We create them in a sense.

I am not a concert reviewer or otherwise, in fact I really just want to share my experience.

IMG_8657I hope Travis isn’t reading this because it was a fun concert, the creative team did an amazing job. They moved around a lot, the stage extended to the other end of the venue and their screen was interactive and unique. They played songs from the new album of course which it didn’t seem the entire crowd was into but the favorites were wildly popular.

If you don’t know about U2 they, like every other group, have a stance on certain political events especially helping the poor and aiding those in Africa with AIDS & HIV through (RED) so that was a part of the show as well.

People watching was the best, we had a great view of the floor from our seats and some people were REALLY into the music that they weren’t even watching the show!


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