May 2015 | Giants vs Dodgers

The second half of our recent trip to the Bay was spent in the city, San Francisco. We got to the city by noon and headed to a sports bar to eat lunch and so Travis’ dad could watch the A’s play the Astros, his home team.

Baylor Baseball Game, 2009
Baylor Baseball Game, 2009
5th Anniversary at Sky Sox Baseball Game, 2012
5th Anniversary at Sky Sox Baseball Game, 2012

When Travis and I were dating and engaged we went to Astros games, it was and still is a hobby. Kind of like concerting but less intense and cheaper. When we moved to Waco, the Rangers games were really close and easy to get to. We even went and saw them in the World Series. We also had Baylor Baseball season tickets for a few years. Our families both still live in Texas and love the Houston Astros especially now, since they went back to orange and navy. (Seriously not sure what happened to make them thing navy & silver or burgundy & gold was EVER a good idea) In Colorado we did manage to attend a Rockies game, the baseball atmosphere is so different. We went to 2 Sky Socks games, once when we were looking to move and the next year for my birthday.

IMG_8671At the Giants game, they didn’t seem to care that I had my Starbucks Mini Frap in hand as I went through security. And the drink options, maybe it’s just a California thing but there were wine stand EVERYWHERE! (Dreams do come true!) I did get a Giants shirt, it’s orange and has long sleeves which I think you have to have if you are attending a game in SF. Also bring layers, during the day it is usually sunny but if the clouds roll in your need a jacket and the breeze is always cool. If there is the slightest chance of rain, have a rain coat. Trust me, I didn’t. Also a blanket is always a good idea, in the home team’s colors of course!

IMG_8676We had upper level seats, which weren’t too bad, we could see almost the entire field which is a win in any baseball lovers eyes! And the weather was cooperating for a while, until the mist/smattering came rolling in…it drizzled on us for a good portion of the game. I tried to hold out for as long as I could then I insisted we move up 4 rows to be covered by the awning. It was worth it even if it was for only 2 innings. Getting out of the stadium was not a problem, getting on the Bay Bridge to come home was a thing of nightmares. 45 minutes to go .25 of a mile. Seriously worst design ever.

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