How to Move without losing your Mind: Packing 101

The worst part of moving is probably all the packing, the endless days and nights, or so it feels like of packing boxes of stuff and stuff.


  1. Good Rule of Thumb: If you haven’t used or need it in the last 6-12 months, if it doesn’t fit or isn’t valuable, if it is broken or worn out then get rid of it. Either by donating to your local thrift store or church garage sale. Keep heirlooms, items with deep personal meaning and value.
  2. Start packing boxes early, when we moved from Montrose to Modesto, I would actively pack between 5 and 10 boxes each evening. Once a box was full, label Top & Long side and tape shut, then I would stack it in our garage. If you don’t have a garage or are doing a short move store on your patio,  a short term storage unit or just move those items to your new residence if you can.
  3. Get descriptive, I have seen all the Pinterest suggestions for color coding but in the rush of the moment, not everyone knows red tape means living room. So just be diligent when packing to label the room on the top and side, and give more description on another side, especially for the kitchen or books. I always label which box has the coffee maker and books A-C or non fiction, etc.
  4. I start packing out of season items first, then closets & bathrooms, upper cabinets of the kitchen and work my way down.

Check out my Pinterest Board full of all the packing and moving tips and articles I have read and tried!

2 thoughts on “How to Move without losing your Mind: Packing 101

  1. The last time we moved, we got to the point where you had to walk round the boxes to get from the living room to the kitchen. If we moved out of this house, I think I would try and chuck a lot of stuff or have a garage sale before we went to try and clear some of it out – the money would then work towards other (more fun) things lol.

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