How to move without losing your Mind: Unloading

So, you have packed, loaded the moving van/uhaul, driven to your new home and now it is time to unload. Before unloading though, do a through walk through of your new space, whether a rental or your new home. It helps to note areas that need to be fixed or improved before bringing all your stuff in. Take photos and give a copy to the leasing office within a week of moving in.


  1. First thing is first, bring in the pets. Let them explore and put out food, water and a litter box for the kitties. I took Asher on a walk and made sure to give him lots of time to sniff and smell.
  2. Unload your car, bring all those things in and unpack them. This will help you feel at home and at least you can eat, sleep and bath. Until your stuff arrives.
  3. Once your moving truck has arrived, put the animals in a safe place like a bathroom. Put a note on the door or inform everyone not to go in or open the door. My barking dog helped remind everyone he was in there.
  4. When the truck arrives someone needs to be the delegator. This is always me. I direct people with where things go and what things can stay in the truck to go to storage.
  5. At a certain point in unloading it helps to begin unpacking, especially if you are moving into a small space, start in the kitchen to get boxes out of the way.

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