How to move without losing your Mind: Settling in

Wow, so there are probably boxes everywhere and hopefully no one has asked the dreaded,”Do you know where X is?” Cause there is a pretty good chance you have no stinking idea. But you have made it, now what?


  1. Look up your new homes rules on how long you have to register your car. FYI you have like 10 days in California before they slap you with a $50 fee.
  2. You may have to get the Drivers License before you can register your car but beware in some states you have to retake the paper/electronic drivers test. You have to in Cali and it is terrifying.
  3. Set up Utilities, this probably should have been done sooner. My husband usually takes care of this part of the move…in fact I think he arranges all of this online now when I am packing up.
  4. Get to know your new home, drive around town and figure out where the important places are. Target, Trader Joe’s, Petco, etc. Ask new co workers for advice on vet’s and doctor’s they recommend in the area. Also follow the local newspaper on Facebook or twitter for quick and easy updates. After moving to Modesto, we first took the 2 hour drive up to Yosemite then not a month later we went to the beach, because we could!
  5. Meet some folks! Some times this is SO easy, especially when you work in an office atmosphere that is casual and inviting. Since I work from home, some more creative ways to meet people are through; Meet Ups, athletic clubs or gyms, visiting churches or places of worship, getting involved in a book club or volunteering.

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