Texas Part 1

I visited Texas this past week, including my sister and her husbands new home, my old stomping grounds in Waco and the all to familiar drive to my grandparents home in Granbury and reliving moments of my early childhood at their home in Midlothian.

I arrived Monday evening and no lie our first stop, once my luggage got off the plane was Whataburger for a double Junior burger with cheese and bacon. I get that everyone loves IN n Out but nothing compares to a Whataburger with cheese and bacon.

Then we drove down to my sister and brother in law’s house near Normangee. They bought this little place about a year ago and it is truly their own and so very cute! My best friend and adopted sister, Kendra was there when we arrived and to celebrate we opened 2 bottles of wine and talked until 1:30 am. On Tuesday, Haley took off work and it was Kendra’s birthday! We celebrated with lunch at Willie’s Icehouse and meeting all of her co workers at her office. She also indulged me and I spent some birthday money at the Bryan mall. Haley finished out the day making me homemade enchilada casserole with jalapeño dip, which if I am going to be honest I could have eaten on cardboard.

IMG_9993Wednesday morning, mom and I left their home and headed to my old stomping grounds in Waco. I admit, that place feels like home. We met my friend Kristen, her funny Monkey, and an old co worker of mine for breakfast at Cafe Cappuccino in downtown Waco. We even stopped by the Baylor bookstore for a souvenir. Then we drove north towards Granbury, where my grandparents have lived for 22 years. We walked the square and had Tex Mex for dinner before mom and I got back in the truck and headed towards our final destination for the remainder of my stay in Hideaway, Texas…


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