Texas Part 2

Once I arrived at my mom & dad’s house just outside Lindale, Texas I was able to relax. I slept in and was able to even sit down and finally get a little bit of work done and blog a little bit. Thursday, I spent the day with my dad. We started the day dropping off all my and my sister’s James Avery jewelry at the store to be cleaned and fixed. I was able to add all my new charms and now I can wear my bracelet! We also stopped at Starbucks and I got some work done. And we ended the day walking around Barnes & Noble and Stein Mart. Mom made me ravioli and we took a walk around the golf course. It’s the simple things y’all.


On Friday, mom was off so we started with picking up all that jewelry and driving to the next town over to buy wine for the celebration party on Sunday. We had lunch at this great grill called Cole’s in Lindale, it was SO good! I finally had some chicken fried chicken with gravy. Oh yumm. And we grocery shopped for the par-TAY! I came home and worked this afternoon and Haley got her just in time for dinner, homemade meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans!

On Saturday Morning, my hubby arrived in NYC to spend the weekend with his Dad! When us girls went into town that morning, we sent Travis an audio clip of us singing ‘Welcome to New York’ by our BFF Taylor Swift. He sent us photos of Times Square, and Central Park. In the  afternoon, my grandparents came to spend a little more time with us. I am not a card game fan and prefer to watch so everyone played Cover and Shove it, essentially Rummy and I was the score keeper, while the brisket for my Sunday party cooked in the oven.


This large slab of meat was amazing. Thank you Texas for real BBQ

Sunday Morning, my grandparents had to leave because they had another party to be at that afternoon. So I snuck in some working hours that AM and my beautiful Mother in law arrived about half way through, we had lunch and visited the Pink Pistol in Lindale before visiting my Mom’s parents new house in Hideaway. And having dinner with my mom & dad, sister, mother in law, my mom’s mom and grandpa mike, and my parent’s neighbors which are practically family.



Monday, Mom made us brisket breakfast tacos and I kind of thought I was in heaven for a moment, then we visited Tiger Creek Sanctuary even though they open at 10 am it was still 90 degrees out when we went on our tour. We saw some cool cats and a dog that had a death wish. They had pumas, bobcats, tigers and lions. That afternoon I worked and blogged, mom packed my bag and we washed all my clothes so I wouldn’t go home with a bunch of dirty stuff. We also tried to finish the green sauce from the day before.

Tuesday morning, dad and I went to the airport. He was flying out to Tulsa a few hours after me and helped me navigate DFW, which I learned is bigger in land mass than the state of Rhode Island.  I did manage to get a little bit of sleep on the plane and wrote out all my trip into my journal, I love ya blog but pen on paper is still my jam.

Family Photo 2015
2015 Family photo taken in my parents Astros room in their Astrodome seats also all the girls are in Stitch Fix tops! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Texas Part 2

  1. What a great Texas trip! I love that you visited the Pink Pistol! Also, brisket breakfast tacos sound AMAZING!

    1. The Pink Pistol opened after we moved to Colorado and since I was visiting as a tourist for the first time, I figured I should go. I am not a Maranda Lambert fan but it was VERY cute and PINK! And I am having brisket withdrawals already!

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