NYC in a weekend-ish

Even though, I was gone the 20th through the 28th, hubby stayed home and worked for most of the time. But on Friday, he took the red eye out of Sacramento to New York City. He arrived at 7 am Saturday morning, aka 4 am California time. He managed to get to the hotel and deposit his luggage there before taking a self guided tour of NYC from Times Square to Central Park including Strawberry Fields. When his dad arrived, they headed to the Mets vs Dodgers game and stayed through the Heart concert after the game. It was a long day to say the least.

On Sunday, the guys were up early and headed to Cooperstown, NY for the Baseball Hall of Fame induction of Craig Biggio, one of our all time favorite Astros players! The weather man originally predicted rain, so Travis was prepared with a rain coat, the weatherman was very wrong and my poor hubby ended up with blistered and sun burned feet from enjoying the ceremony. They went back to NYC that evening, another LONG day.

Monday, Travis managed to get reservations for The Daily Show, and actual tickets! They saw the Freedom tower and World Trade Center Monuments, before they had to head back for the show recording. I think he had a great time seeing Jon Stewart in person, he watches every show the morning after they air, we are too old to stay up late enough to watch them at night. After the show, they got in line for the general admission section of the U2 concert at Madison Square Gardens, the real reason for this whirl wind trip. And a great 30th birthday gift from Travis’ dad.

Early Tuesday, he was back on a plane headed to Sacramento where we scheduled our flights to arrive within 30 minutes of each other. 🙂

8 thoughts on “NYC in a weekend-ish

  1. Ha! The weather man usually is wrong. Anyway, what an awesome 30th birthday trip! It’s amazing how much Travis packed in during his time in NYC! He must need a vacation from his vacation just to catch up!

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