Wear It Wednesday | Cowboy Boots

After a great week in Texas, I came home to California and couldn’t get this itch out of my system to wear my cowboy boots, everywhere! Now, as a native Texan I know you can wear cowboy boots with a variety of looks for a casual and southwestern sense of style. Even though Kayla is what we Texans call a Yankee, she has some very cute western inspired pieces for her own pair of boots! So today, I want to share with you 4 ways I LOVE to wear my cowboy boots, even in California!

Wear It Wednesday with Shelby & Kayla

1) Classic

Adventurous Shelby | ClassicPair with boot-cut jeans, a button down oxford shirt, and a fancy belt for barrel racing or a stylish look for working the cows, visiting the county fair or showing up for Texas day at school or work…apparently that is only a Texas thing…

2) Boho Skinny

Adventurous Shelby | Boho Skinny

Skinny jeans are really the best thing ever. Now you can wear jeans and show off your boots! I prefer a looser to straighter fitting top with skinny jeans, and finishing the look with my southern style sterling silver James Avery Charm bracelet. I Spy a Texas charm! 😉

3) Two Steppin + dress

Adventusour Shelby | Two Steppin

Remember back to the beginning of the Wear It Wednesday posts, when Kayla asked my top 5 must have pieces and I said a great A line dress? This dress is the bomb with my boots, it takes this classic cut and makes it an easy to wear and inspired southwest/texas styled look for bar hopping or square dancing with your favorite group of friends!

4) Summer Concert Festival

Adventurous Shelby | Summer Concert Festival

When in the south, it is so hot in the summers I can’t imagine not wearing shorts. I know Daisy Duke made cut off’s famous but pairing your cut off’s with a simple tee or tank and your boots you make a preppy summer look unexpected and fun! plus now your toes won’t burn while you spend time with your best friends at the tank (what Texans call a pond).

Last but not least is wearing boots to a good ole southern wedding, like my baby sister’s 3 years ago!

Haley & Chad Wedding 0308

5 thoughts on “Wear It Wednesday | Cowboy Boots

  1. Cowboy Boots always make me think of line dancing or that episode of How I Met Your Mother with the red Cowboy Boots. I loved that checked shirt in the first picture – I went through a stage of wearing checked shirts and had two that I virtually lived in when I was pregnant. One had a fitted waist band bit that sort of sat above my bump so it was nice and comfortable. Our Sidekick has a checked shirt that is that red and black pattern so I call it his lumberjack shirt lol.

  2. I really, really want a pair of cowboy boots. Like an actual pair. I love these looks! Especially the Boho Skinny and Concert looks!

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