My Emergency Pouch Checklist

My purse isn’t huge, and I typically don’t carry a lot but I am realizing I need to carry more. More often than not, I will be out and about and I need a hair tie or hand sanitizer or ibuprofen…so now to be more of an adult I made an emergency bag. A small pouch to carry in my purse with emergency items, small and useful. 

IMG_0661 copy

My small pouch carries a small thing of hand lotion, hand sanitizer, chapstick, Q tips, band aids, safety pins, bobby pins, large and small pony tail holders, etc. And everything fits nicely in my Gussy Sews pouch, which is about 5″ x 3″.  Other items to include would be any personal medications you or your children are taking, and feminine hygiene products.

Emergency Pouch Check List

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