Imaginative Illustrated Story Telling by Daria Song

IMG_1220In the The Time Garden we get lost inside a little girls imaginative head after her father buys a cuckoo clock, her adventures have us flying through the air with balloons, staring at the stars in wonder and visiting her local neighborhood through an imagination like we haven’t seen before, street cars fly and trees become magical. This books has perspective architectural drawings to florals. The author spent 5 years in San Fransisco as a child and one has to be left to wonder if these are merely her memories of play from her time in The City as she mentions Pier 39, the famous Street Cars and China Town before our character wakes up in her bedroom overlooking the city streets.

While I appreciated the story the illustrator created, I found it to be very detailed. So much so coloring her pages did not feel as relaxing as some of my other books, as I needed to sharpen my pencils often to fit into very small spaces, if my lead fit at all. Overall, if you are a skilled colorer, then I highlight recommend The Time Garden. If you are new to coloring, you may easily become frustrated at the intricate design and detail.


I received this book free for review from Blogging for Books, all opinions are my own. Grab a copy for yourself, here

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One thought on “Imaginative Illustrated Story Telling by Daria Song

  1. All of the intricate little details in this book have me focusing on main parts of the page to color so they stand out. The book itself is really beautiful. I want to check into Daria Song’s other books.

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