Working from Home- Day 1 {Introductions}

Welcome to 31days! This year I am writing about working from home. Before we dive in let me tell you a little bit about me and what I do. 

So, if this is your first time here, my name is Shelby and I am a runner, world traveler, mountain hiking explorer and probably most importantly for this series I am a remote Stylist for Stitch Fix. You can learn more about Stitch Fix, HERE. basically, I work from home. I have been a remote stylist since February 2015. It’s been 9 months since I started and every time I think I have created the perfect work environment, I realize I can make it better.

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The reason I decided to blog about this topic for 31 days is because as a remote employee, I get the struggles of working from home. It can be lonely, unproductive or challenging to stay motivated. So, I want to share my challenges of working from home, my joys and how I stay connected to the outside world, stay productive and most importantly motivated and excited to go to work everyday!

This series is for etsy and craft shop owners, busy professionals working from home and people like me who are remote employees. I look forward to your comments, feedback and recommendations to improve my home work life as hopefully you will be encouraged as well!

Visit my 31 Days page to see an outline of this year’s posts! And read my disclaimer!

4 thoughts on “Working from Home- Day 1 {Introductions}

  1. I am a fellow remote worker! I have been working from home for 2 years and have seen the ups and downs. I am looking forward to reading your series!

    1. I know, it’s strange to say but as work from home professionals we are not alone, it just feels that way sometimes! I hope you enjoy the series and I look forward to learning new things from the comments along the way!

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