Working from Home- Day 2 {Challenges}

It’s only day 2 and today I am diving in deep, challenges of working from home. Ready? Let’s go. 

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My biggest challenge working from home is getting distracted by house chores and the persistent looks by Asher for walks outside. I am not one of those super clean house people, but I do feel more relaxed when chores are done and I don’t have laundry calling to be put away or a huge stack of dishes to be cleaned, dried, or  put away. I don’t describe myself as an ADD mentality but when it comes to housework, can get very distracted.

What has really helped me focus and helped me overcome this challenge on most days is a well planned out schedule and a specific place to work. Even Asher’s walks are scheduled. Whatever works y’all.

What is your biggest challenge working from home? Is it friends of family calling or texting because ‘your home’?

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