Working from Home- Day 3 {Joys}

Since we talked about the challenges I face working from home yesterday, I thought I’d lighten the load a little by talking about the joys today. 

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The best part of my job, besides the fact that I love my company, the clothes and the culture; I love my flexibility. Working from home means I have control of my job, when I work and don’t. So, I’m having a long day of errands and appointments but no time to style… I can wait and work when I do have time like 10 pm or simply work more the next day. Or if my Monday is super busy, I can work Sunday and still take Monday off and work a full week! It’s the best! I can also work on my trips when I visit family or spend the weekend away in the mountains or at the beach, so long as the internet is available. We all have those work emails.

Working from home means I dictate my schedule. Which allows me and my husband to travel and plan adventures I may not otherwise get to go on because of work.

I know a few work from home moms that swear by working during nap times and before the babies get up. What is your absolute favorite thing about working from home? Is it the cute desk in your office, lack of annoying co workers or the ability to work from 2-4 am because of insomnia?

As much as I miss being in a busy office with others, I am probably more productive without all those distractions.

One thought on “Working from Home- Day 3 {Joys}

  1. That’s pretty cool that you have a flexible schedule. I’ve worked from home for three years but required to have a set schedule due to the time sensitive nature of the job. I can’t run an errand unless it’s within my lunch hour but I can make up time for essentials like taking my son to the doctor’s office. It’s a good set up.

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