Working from Home- Day 4 {10 Habits of Productive People}

This list will be different for everyone, google it and you’ll find tons of advice. This is the most useful advice I have received from colleagues, my boss and even my dad. What is your most productive habit? 

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10. Nighttime Routine- Knowing exactly what you need to do first thing in the morning reduces stress and helps you jump straight into the day. You can make a list before slipping off to sleep or  just as you watch your evening shows.

9. And a Morning Routine- My morning routine requires I spend time reflecting in my journal before I take care of everyone else. Once that is done I can accomplish what fulfills me before diving into work, which is where the nighttime routine comes in because I know exactly where to start.

8. Set Limits- On social media, on the phone etc. Set a limit to only check email before and after your work time. That way you aren’t distracted halfway through something to see what it says. If you have a Mac laptop and iPhone like me that means closing my mail app and turning notifications off on my phone. Work time is uninterrupted time.

7. Say No- learn to say no to useless time commitments that don’t benefit you or your schedule. I get we can’t say no to everything but you can’t say yes to it all either. More on this later this month!

6. Remove distractions- for me this is household chores, and I allocate time during my day to accomplish the things that really drive me bonkers. If you have the resources, hire a maid once a week or so to help remove those from your to do list and help you focus.

5. Tap into what Inspires you- for me this is Pinterest, fashion magazines and Project Runway. These things drive me to do my job better and therefore I make time for them in my life.

4. Utilizing your time wisely- this could mean working in the carpool line waiting on the kiddos, taking a hard look at your schedule and moving all appointments to one day, so you can work diligently for the rest of the week or realizing where and when you are wasting time.

3. Community- This is important to me. Working with others makes me feel more productive. As a remote employee to a company I have access to our own social media to get help, encouragement or simply a good laugh. I also video chat with friends in far away places, so I have someone to talk to while working.

2. Take care of yourself- Have you ever noticed how productive people always are running, at the gym or taking a class? They know that to stay excited for life you have to feed yourself physically, mentally and inspirationally. Personally, I run. I am not the fastest person at the race but it gives me time away from work, my email and allows me to focus simply on the next step.

  1. Keep a Schedule- Knowing when you are going to work vs put laundry away or run errands helps to automate your schedule. And by doing so it eliminates boredom and the, “well, I guess I’ll work now”…mentality.

2 thoughts on “Working from Home- Day 4 {10 Habits of Productive People}

  1. I was feeling completely overwhelmed yesterday morning. Then, my husband and I took the dog to the park in the afternoon. When we got back, I was so much more motivated to get back to work! It definitely helps to take care of yourself and take a break every once in a while.

    1. Me and Asher take a mid day walk just to get out, stretch our legs and be outside. It is so nice right now, I always feel recharged after that, so I can totally relate!

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