Working from Home- day 6 {Morning Routine}

I am a slow waker upper. Everyone knows this, my dad knows this, my husband knows this, my best friend and former roommate knows this. But what keeps me focused in the morning is my routine. The first hour is all about waking up at my pace while the next hour it’s about my husband and fur kids and so long as everyone behaves, including my husband everyone can have a happy day. 🙂 

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First I started a new Morning Routine thanks to the gals at She Percolates and their Get Focused challenge, going on right now. So I have been getting up an hour earlier to do some morning reflecting, reading and waking up before I get dressed (which is part of October’s challenge #31daysofgettingdressed).

Once I have done that I get up and fed and water the bunny, Mr. Ebenezer. I then take Asher on a short walk to do his business (we live in an apartment) before I feed the cats, also known as my furry monsters. Once they have all been fed, watered and walked I make my husband’s lunch while he is in the shower. Once Travis leaves, I go to my office and do a quick sketch prompt for the day in my Q&A a day for creatives book. I love to be challenged creatively like this in the morning, especially when the rest of my day in spent on the computer.

After my ‘ME’ time each morning, I clock in, check my email then begin my work! I prefer to work in 2-3 hour blocks, which allows me longer mid day breaks for lunch and catching up on Project Runway!

What is your morning routine? What about it helps you prepare for the day?

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