Working from Home- day 9 {Creating a schedule on iCalendar}

In all honestly, I totally get it if you need a calendar book, I love my calendar book for personal stuff, but my iCal on my computer and phone are seriously what keep me organized in my day to day life. It helps that my calendar syncs across all my devices. My husband is even approved for certain calendars so he can add his work stuff or family events. 

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First, let’s take a look at my week and I can explain a little more about how I divide my day and week into sections.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.21.46 PM

On the left you can see ALL our calendars. The one with the little fans, are shared with Travis. My private calendars are not shared simply because my husband doesn’t want to see my work schedule, if I have an event that he needs to know about it goes on my dark pink Shelby calendar that is shared, this is where I put appointments and events. My blue SF calendar is for work, my Shelby- Personal is non work things that my husband doesn’t want to see, and are little reminders to walk the dog and video chat with friends. And yep, I put EVERYTHING on my calendar, when I have bible study it goes on the calendar, volunteer work at the church it goes on the calendar, last minute trip to the grocery store it doesn’t need to go on the calendar.

I like to schedule my week on Sunday’s. I sit on the couch, like I am right now, and plan my week. I will even add trips to Target if I want to plan that far ahead. Otherwise I slip those trips in between my work times. I like to go to Starbucks a few times a week just for a change in scenery. I don’t usually ‘schedule’ these as I use them when I feel in a rut at home.

Each event has a 15 minute reminder before it starts, which gives me time to look appropriate for video chats or to take Asher out. These are also recurring, I can edit them individually if I need to but it helps to have my work week already sort of already on the calendar when I go to schedule my week. I can stretch or condense work times if I need to and know if I take an hour from Monday, add it to Wednesday or whatever.

How to do stay organized? Do you plan out your week?


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