Working from Home- day 10 {Making time for personal stuff}

Remember when I said when you aren’t working, you aren’t making money? That is very true but we can’t work all the time…one that would be miserable and two we have these things called life we must participate in. So, today I’m going to share how I make time for personal stuff in my schedule. 

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So, let’s take a look at my calendar again…

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 7.46.36 PMOh there it is!

First, let’s talk about personal time…when I say personal time I mean errands I need to run, chores to do or time for me to reenergize, like reading at Starbucks, watching Project Runway, scrolling through endless Fashion boards on Pinterest or going for a run. I also have a weekly video chat with Kayla from The Creative Jayne each week, we just talk about life, what we want to do next for Wear it Wednesday and encourage one another, such a great way to start the week! Your definition of Personal time maybe different and that is ok.

As you may remember I plan my schedule on Sunday afternoons and evenings, this is also when I get a basic inventory from my husband on anything he might need, although he is awful about remembering…so with that in mind I can decide if I need to go to run errands. This week it looks like I need to go to Petco. One of my favorite thing about iCal is I can write notes for events, so when this event pops up and I am all like, “what errands do I need to run? we have everything we need!” I can look at the notes and remember, “oh, yeah the dog needs food!”

I like to break my day into easy to work chunks, and the middle portion of the day is when I prefer to run all my errands. There are less people out than on the weekend. I love to go early in the morning but then you run into the issue of places not being open yet and having to do all you work in the afternoon with shorter breaks. If that works for you, then great! But it’s not for me. Same with gym time, always in the evening so I can run or press my stress from the day away, others prefer to do this in the morning. I know my husband would if he could get out of bed.

Make sure to schedule personal time, as a work from home professional you deserve an hour with other adults at Target, a coffee date with a close friend or a quiet hour reading your favorite book with a cup of tea. You are your best self when you take care of yourself! 

When do you prefer to do your personal stuff? Are you a morning, mid day or afternoon person?

**By the way, I am running my half marathon today! If you’re the praying sort send me some good vibes, strength and the ability to finish strong! Thanks readers!**


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