Working from Home- day 11 {Productivity Wrap Up}

Our first wrap up post! I like to do these because honestly we are all trying to read and write so much this month sometimes these wrap ups maybe the best thing, links to all the posts are in here! 

31 days 205 button

We started this week with a great Inspirational quote to motivate us…if you don’t have motivational quotes on your calendar, bulletin board or fridge then by the end of this you will have a nice collection!


We also talked about our morning routine, have you sat down to evaluate yours? What is working and what is not? What changes should you make to help jump start you in the morning?

We also had our first Wear it Wednesday #31daysofgettingdressed edition! Did you join in? Want to join in? Follow me @shelbyclarkeca and Kayla @kaylajnelson on Instagram and share your getting dressed each day photos to join in!


We talked about saying NO. Have you said NO this week to things you don’t need added to your plate?

Then I shared how I use iCal to plan my week and make time for personal things. Do you use an electronic calendar or a paper calendar? Are you willing to try an electronic one to promote productivity? Those alerts are a great way to stay on task!


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