Working from Home- Day 12 {Weekly Inspirational Quote}


This is my go to inspirational quote. Life doesn’t demand perfection from us, that is our inner critic, life demands progress. Think of a snail, he can’t beat the cricket but he keeps going knowing if he doesn’t he won’t get anywhere. Print this and put it on your bulletin board, inside your calendar, on your bathroom mirror, wherever you’ll see it and be inspired!

You have this. This week make a goal, something achievable. And go for it. My goal for this week is to work 29 hours for work. And learn to walk properly again…darn you half marathon!

You got this! Heck, WE’ve got this!

One thought on “Working from Home- Day 12 {Weekly Inspirational Quote}

  1. This is so true. Just a little bit of progress, even if just only in the manner in which we think about a big project, is notable. It is so easy to get paralyzed by the big picture. Thanks for stating this all so eloquently.

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