Working from Home- day 13 {My Home Work Space}

Today I am sharing with you MY personal work space. It is not glamorous or something to be envied. It serves it’s purpose though. 

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My work space at home is a small DIY hacked desk, the top is pressed board painted by my momma dearest from when she helped us moved from Colorado to California. The base is 3 sterilite 3 drawer containers from Target, which basically hold all my junk.

IMG_1240 copy

My desk is in our extra room, which was an extra bedroom but let’s be honest when your halfway across the country and people only come to visit once a year that is a lot of wasted space. So at the end of September we donated our extra bed and fully converted the space into an office for me and a pet room for bunny and cats, oh and Asher too.

Its still a work in progress but I love that I can go in there and work and the dishes aren’t yelling at me from the dishwasher to put them away or the laundry to wash. I just have a doggie asking for walks and pets, a bunny for snuggles and kitties wanting to sleep on my lap or my desk…and I can  work in the evening  without listening to husbands music or tv shows. That hard part is me knowing when to leave my workspace because if I am going to be honest I love my own space.

Do you have a dedicated work space? Like I said, up until the end of September I was working from my kitchen table, it was hard to focus and I was basically in the middle of our apartment. With my own corner, I can relax and make it my own. I think I work better now that I have this set up, I can come in here and not worry about XYZ and work, unless the system is down in which case, I catch up on some blogging…(hint hint)

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